Blues Vs. Flyers – Game 1

13 Oct


Thumbnails for game 1

A couple of thumbnail sketches for rock poster series based on St. Louis Blues games.


Well, this is it. I’m taking the leap.

While my wife is in the hospital on bed rest with our first child on the way, I’ve decided that life isn’t crazy enough. I’m going to try to catalog the St. Louis Blues’ season in a way inspired by Joe Petruccio on his blog, “My NY Mets Journal”.

Two major differences here, though (aside from it being about hockey). One, I’m going to post thumbnails, of which my favorite ones I’ll finish out as poster art. Two, while I hope to get things up in a timely fashion, I might be lagging to far behind the times to due a useful game summary.

I’ll also make posts about other projects, too. For instance the previously mentioned baby is on the way. So I’ll be posting some of my work in relation to that here as well.

Anyway, the highlights I want to hit in this poster are, this was Jaroslav Halak’s first regular season game as Blue. He’s key to the Blue’s chances for the next several seasons, and I’m super-excited to have him here. I mean how many goalies in the world have shut down the Caps AND Penguins in the playoffs?! Second, I don’t know if it’s a tradition they’re trying to start or what, but in the first two home games (both wins) the Blues saluted the crowd after the game by lining up at center ice under a spotlight. Very, very cool. That really stuck out in my mind. Lastly, in the first sketch I’ve included the Hull statue and Colaiacovo’s jump into the glass after the OT game-winner. I hope to include those if I finish this out as a poster, but I think I’m digging the second sketch better.


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